About Hitech Reach

Shenzhen Hitech Reach Optical Cable Co. Ltd. was established in 2012. Located in in Shenzhen, it is a professional cable manufacturer.  In 2016, Hitech Reach was merged into KOC group and became one of KOC members.
Hitech Reach has nearly 5000 spare meters modern plant equipped with advance facilities. With the advanced fiber optical technology  & equipment and the endeavour of 100 staff, the monthly productivity is more than 50000 core kilometers. The main products are indoor optic cables, indoor & outdoor optic cables, FTTH cables, hard cables, armoured cables, etc.  Nowadays, we have been providing optical transmission solution for more than 100 well known enterprises worldwide and providing cable production services both home and abroad. It posses a significant influence and good reputation in the industry. Under the principal of quality first and with the high transmission efficiency, safety protection, easy cabling and stability, we provide the guarantee for durable, safe and steady cable connections.
As the most cost-effective cable supplier, Hitech Reach is committed to provide our customers with the most applicable optical cable transmission solutions. Whether you are in construction projects or cable sales,  we are able to provide professions cables and technical supports. With the guidance of ISO 9001, Hitech Reach is your most trustworthy and cooperative cable supplier.